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I create beautiful work for extraordinary clients. To do so, I have developed a well articulated process for moving work through the shop, built on an interactive and iterative system of checks and balances, and honed from 30 years of experience working in the advertising and design business for some of the largest agencies in the country, on some of the biggest accounts in the world. This experience allows me to guide you and your team through the concepting to the production cycle, coming to agreement on each level before moving on to the next. It is fast and efficient and allows for the creation of the best possible work.

My costs are extremely competitive and my methods for compensation quite flexible. Most of my clients have preferred to work under a project basis or monthly fee which covers all design and meeting time. If applicable, that fee is then rebated against earned media commissions. Outside costs are billed at cost plus 20% and all costs are estimated and approved by the client — in advance.

My process is simple, yet it allows me to deliver the highest level of service and the best work to my clients possible, in exchange for fair and reasonable compensation.

  • Parallax portfolio website created for www.Great-Copy.com

  • Website designed and created for The Design Factory West.

  • Jewelry website template created to prove a point.

  • Wordpress template website redesigned for BaileyEuropean.com

  • Horizontal scrolling website created for The Atomic Bar.

  • Original php website created for PitzerAdvertising.com.

  • 7,500 page php website created for SecretRecipes.com.

  • Pre-launch sign-up website created for MouseMail.com.


A great idea, or at least the kernel of an idea, can come from anywhere, at anytime, and from anyone. But only a designer can create a truly great, long lasting design from nothing. The reasons are as complex as they are simple — one is a process while the other is an art form. It doesn't come out of a computer. It comes from within the designer. Just as there's a great screen play in every pencil, a masterpiece in every tube of paint, or a couture gown in every bolt of fabric, these things do not create themselves — it takes an artist. Which is funny, because people have told me over the years that we are not here to create art in this business. Unfortunately those people never realized that how and what we create "is" an art. In spite of the technological advances over time by companies like Apple and Adobe, what we do as art directors and designers still can't be duplicated by software and computers. And regardless of the countless evolutions in how we communicate or the spontaneous revolutions in the speed and reach of those abilities, clients still crave great ideas and ad agencies and design firms strive to generate them. Because in the end, it all comes down to three things; who can create the best "idea", how cost effectively can the "concept" be executed, and does the execution make people want to own it, buy it, use it, etc.

I know these things to be true, because I come from a family of working artists. So it's in my DNA. My parents met at J. Walter Thompson in Detroit so they didn't disown me when I said I wanted to go into advertising. My Mom went on to write 27 cookbooks and appeared on Phil Donahue's show twice before she retired. Both my aunts are working fine artists who've taught, shown and have been collected nationally and internationally for decades. One uncle is a highly respected sculptor and another opened his animation studio where he created Elsie the Cow for the Borden Dairy Company before his studio was acquired by Hanna Barbera. So growing up, I got brushes, paint and canvas every Christmas and birthday. I won my first art competition in 3rd grade. My first architectural competition as a sophomore in high school and my first art scholarship as a senior. I won my first Belding Bowl shortly after after leaving Art Center College of Design and joining Dailey & Associates on the Honda Motorcycle account. But the coolest thing of all, was that I created three complete, hand drawn type fonts and had them published before the introduction of the MacPlus or the creation of Quark or InDesign. And two of those fonts were used by Kawasaki and the third by Chrysler.

The biggest lightbulbs do not always produce the brightest ides.


If you cut me, I'll probably bleed catchup. I also love what I do and I grew up doing it. So in this era of "turn and burn" marketing assignments, when it comes to creating "trial", I'm fully tested. Creating "drive-thru" traffic? I'm completely driven. Want something unique for breakfast, lunch or dinner promotions? I'm ready to cook. If you can't tell by now, one of my passions is the food and beverage category, and right now, I'd love the opportunity to work with you!

Michael Pitzer on SyQuest TV shoot

Art Director

Michael Pitzer having coffee before work


Michael Pitzer roller-blading with Rusty


Michael Pitzer relaxing with Rusty and Joey
Michael Pitzer

Not really into awards
I just keep winning 'em

Life is too short not to do what you love.
And if you're lucky enough to do it for people who
respect and appreciate your passion, talents, and insights,
then it's really hard to call what you do work!

— Michael Pitzer

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